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March 23, 2012

Wednesday night services

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For the last several Wednesday nights, I have been preaching/teaching from the book of 1st Peter.

I’m doing a series that was complied by a father in the faith and it has been very uplifting to me!

At the beginning of 1st Peter we learn some very important things:

1. Remember who we are – we are the elect of God.

2. Remember what we are – we are pilgrims and strangers – a stranger is away from home and a pilgrim is on his way home! I’m both of them!

3. Remember why we are here – to bear fruit for the Lord.


Pastor Thomas


February 14, 2012

Bishop Tim Hill returns to Ocoee Church of God

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Excited to announce that Bishop Tim Hill will be returning to Ocoee Church of God this summer for a Sunday night and a Monday night event…..will be announcing the dates later this week…..


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Academic Bowl prep underway….

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This Friday, I will take four students from LCA to the academic bowl in Lakeland…….looking forward to some healthy competition…..

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I’m excited

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Well, Vision Sunday 2012 has sparked a new excitement in my soul. Nothing is more important than the move of the Holy Ghost, but in addition to that, I excited about some of the things we are hoping to accomplish this year.

Some of those things are:
Recarpet the educational and administrative wing
Purchase a 15 passenger van
Improve our driveway entrances by installing concrete aprons on the two side streets
Install 2 modular buildings for use by U-turn and Amplify

Excited is an understatement……

February 13, 2012

What’s your passion?

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Last night, I preached from Matthew 11:7 – a verse in which Jesus is speaking about John the Baptist.

Are we as committed at John the Baptist was?

Do we have the same passon as he did?

Here are the three points from last night:

1. John was convinced of his calling.

2. John’s whole life revolved around Christ.

3. John knew the deadliness of sin.

Are you declaring the same message: Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand?

Have a great week!

Pastor Thomas

February 9, 2012

Where’s your mind…

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Last night I continued the message series on 1 Peter.

I have enjoyed every message in this series thus far, but I really enjoyed preaching last night.

We need to guard our minds and be an obedient child of God.

This message series was completed by a father n the faith, whose desire is to see folks ready for the return of Christ.

Not matter what…we need to be ready for Jesus’ soon return.

Pastor Thomas

February 7, 2012


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In just a few days, Amplify, the children’s ministry group will be attending KIDJam at the Wimauma Convention Ctr. So glad to b a part of what God is doing at Ocoee COG. If your student is wanting to go, u need to contact the church office immediately.

January 16, 2012

Moving Forward

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This morning I’m reflecting on the message preached last nite by Pastor Renfroe…I’m ready to move forward.

My prayer is that God will bless each of u as u move forward with God in 2012.


Pastor Thomas

January 11, 2012

Two Ways of Tithing

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Which way do YOU tithe?

I chose option B.

A. Tithing by convenience
Tithing by convenience is when the person gives to God what he feels he can, if and when there is something left over.
This kind of giving is inconsistent and leaves the giver with a feeling of guilt, defeat and inadequacy.

B. Tithing by commitment
Tithing by commitment is based on the conviction that it is God’s will to tithe, regularly and scripturally; and that such is beyond negotiation and compromise.
This type of tithing puts God first.
It expresses the conviction that the remaining 90 percent will accomplish more than 100 percent without tithing.

January 6, 2012

Daniel Fast

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Ocoee Church of God will begin our 21 day Daniel Fast on Monday, January 9. I’m encouraging all OCOG peeps to participate in this fast. For more information, please visit our website at and click the information link under the media tab.

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