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February 25, 2009

Rob Mercer – Update

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To All:

Many of you may have heard that while on the church campus on Saturday, February 21, Bro. Rob Mercer suffered a stroke.

While this is a very serious condition, we are thankful that Rob was not driving nor was he actively using a chain saw at the exact time of the stroke.

Please continue to keep the Mercer family in your prayers.

The plan is to move Rob out of ICU sometime today!

Thanks again for your prayers!

Pastor Thomas


Work Day – February 21

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To All:

On Saturday, February 21, many men gathered to begin the ‘clean up’ process at the new property!

The clean up results were great – three 20 yard dumpsters were filled with debris.

I’m thankful for what God is doing at Ocoee COG!

Pastor Thomas

Revival Week was Fantastic

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To All:

Revival ended on Friday, February 20 and the results were outstanding.

There were 8 people saved and many folks testified how God touched their lives.

I was very pleased with the attendance, offerings and worship that occurred each night!

To God Be The Glory!

Pastor Thomas

February 19, 2009

Saturday Work Day

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To All:

Things are still moving very quickly with our new land.

This Saturday, we will meet at the property at 8am to conduct a ‘clean up’!

We are excited about what God is doing!

Pastor Thomas

We are in REVIVAL

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To All:

WOW, what a great week so far!

Attendance has been outstanding.

Worship has been dynamic.

The results have been wonderful – 7 saved thus far!

If you are in the West Orange area, you should plan to attend service!

God is great!

See you tonight!

Pastor Thomas

February 14, 2009

Revival Starts Tomorrow

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To All:

We will begin revival with Rev. Zane Estis tomorrow – Sunday, February 15.

I’m confident that God is going to show up in each service, as His word is true!

If you are in the Ocoee area, let me invite you to be with us.

Service Times are as follows:
Sunday – 11am & 6pm
Monday – Friday – 7:30pm

If you are not able to attend, I ask that you pray for God’s will in each and every service.

I want to see new birth in the Kingdom of God!

In Christ!

Pastor Thomas

The Last Several Days

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To All:

I have not been able to post over the last few days simply because things have been moving that fast!

Here is a quick update!

Hispanic Ministry Update
First of all, on Sunday, February 8, during the 11am Worship Service, I appointed Rev. Raymond Escalera as Hispanic Pastor for Ocoee Church of God.

Pastor Raymond, along with his wife Marisol and daughter Amy, join us from Better Life Worship Center (Thanks Pastor Juan!) in Groveland, Florida.

Pastor Raymond is an Ordained Bishop with the COG and has been successful in church planting and pastoring.

On Sunday, March 1, we will launch our Hispanic Worship Services, beginning at 2pm.

We are excited about this new area of ministry and my prayer is that God will bless our efforts as we try to help one more person find Jesus as their Savior.


Land Purchase Update
On Friday, February 13, our trustees (Chuck Maynard, Michael Adams and Michael Epps) closed on the land located at 106 17th Ave (adjacent to our current church property).

This purchase was truly a miracle from God.

The purchase price was $35K, 1/6th of the price just 2 years ago!

Plans are already underway to begin clearing some of the debris on the property as we take our next step in ministry!


Talent Fund Raiser Campaign
We are in week 3 of our 9-week Talent Fund Raiser Campaign.

Miracle Sunday is set for March 29, and I’m looking forward in seeing how God has increased our initial seed talent of $2,000.

You don’t want to miss a Sunday, as you might miss a testimony of how God is working!


Well, I guess that is it for now!

God Bless!

Pastor Thomas

February 3, 2009

Hispanic Ministry Update #4

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To All:

This past Sunday (February 1) was the last Sunday for Pastor Raymond, Sis. Marisol and Amy at Better Life Worship Center in Groveland, FL.

This Sunday, February 8, we will install Pastor Raymond & Marisol as our Hispanic Pastors.

We intend to launch our Hispanic Ministry on Sunday, March 1.

We are excited about what God is doing!

Pastor Thomas

Land Purchase Update #5

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To All:

All I can say is WOW!

As per my previous blog, we signed a contract to purchase the land next door for $70K, which was 1/3 of the asking price just 18 months ago.

Well, this past Saturday, the owner of the property called and stated that he had $35K tied up in the property and if the church would pay him $35K (without owner financing) for the land, he would sell it to us out right for $35K, instead of $70K!!!

I have a new contract on my desk!!!

What a blessing!

Keep looking up, Jesus is coming!

Pastor Thomas

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