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December 28, 2009

New pics posted on website

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To All:

New pics have been posted to our website!

From our home page ( click on the events tab and scroll down to the 2009 section!

God Bless!

Bishop Thomas

2010 is just around the corner!!!!

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To All:

I’m so excited about the options we have for 2010 – what are they?

1. Share Jesus will everyone that we can!

2. Repeat step 1!

God is Good!

Bishop Thomas

A Special Thanks!

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To All OCOG Folks:

I’d like to again say “THANK YOU” for everything that was done for me and my family for Christmas – you folks are the greatest!

God Bless each of YOU!!

Bishop Thomas

Christmas 2009 Update

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To All:

Christmas 2009 was a very exciting time for Ocoee COG.

The annual Christmas Program and Banquet was held on Sunday, December 20 at the Jim Beech Rec. Ctr.

Through a generous donation from a local business partner, KTAB Properties, LLC, we were able to have a large enough space for the event which consisted of the Kids For Christ Christmas Program, Dinner and a special message from Bishop Brian Tillman from Sunset Park Church of God (Wildwood, Florida).

The children did a WONDERFUL job!

There were about 225 folks in attendance and a great time was had by all!


Bishop Thomas


December 3, 2009

December Event’s at Ocoee COG

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Here are some of the events scheduled for Ocoee COG in December!

4th – LIGHT Up Winter Garden

4th – Pioneers For Christ Camping Event

5th – Ocoee and Winter Garden Christmas Parades

5th – Primer Timers Christmas Activity – Fellowship Hall – 2pm

5th – KFC Christmas Play Practice – 6pm

6th – VOV Choir Practice – 4:30pm

7th – KFC Christmas Play Practice – 6pm

7th – Prayer Meeting – 7:30pm

10th – Men’s Bible Study – 7:30pm

11th – KFC Christmas Play Practice – 6pm

12th – Christmas Bazaar and Yard Sale – 8am – 2pm

13th – VOV Choir Practice – 4:30pm

14th – Prayer Meeting – 7:30pm

18th – Cookie Exchange – 7pm

19th – KFC outing to Golden Pond – 8:45am

19th – VOV Choir Practice – 4:30pm

20th – 11am Service, no 2pm service

20th – Church Christmas Banquet and Program – 6pm – Jim Beech Rec. Ctr.


27th – Regular Schedule of Services

28th – Prayer Meeting – 7:30pm

My Update – finally

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To All:

Finally, here’s that update – although shorter than I wanted – just got to get it done!

  1. Mid-October we had revival with Rev. Jonathan Church – what a time we had.
    God used Bro. Church to minister to our local church and give us just what we needed.
  2. At the end of October, the Hispanic Ministry conducted a 3 day campaign, beginning on Friday, October 30.
    The Friday night service was awesome and they even let me preach with a translator – Thanks Pastor Eli – we had a great time.
    Bro. Mario was on-site to lead in worship – which made the service special as well.
    Saturday was a conference style setting.
    Sunday was the finally.
    For this special event, we were honored to have special guest speakers Pastor and Rev. Flores from NY.
    I met two more ‘soldiers’ of the cross as a result of the hispanic campaign.
    I also learned what an EMPANADA was – the hispanic congregation raised funds to off-set the cost of the campaign.
    Our Hispanic Pastors, Pastor Raymond and Rev. Marisol, along with their team, did a FANTASTIC job!!
  3. Fall Festival – our annual Fall Festival was on Saturday, October 31.
    The night started off with a chili-cookoff, along with events for everyone – dunk tank, car smash, bounce house, children’s events and a LOT of candy!!!!
    Thanks to everyone for making this night so special.
  4. I GOT SICK – yes, I was a victim of the SWINE FLU!
    It was awful!!!
    Thank GOD I survived with HIS help!
  5. Sunday, November 8, during the PM Service, Rev. Matthew and Marsena Cunningham were with us.
    Even though we were looking forward to hearing Bro. Cunningham, the HOLY GHOST had another plan – I’m thankful for the touch of the LORD!!!!.
  6. Saturday, November 14, was our BBQ Fundraiser – this was probably the easier BBQ event I have ever participated in.
    There were so many helpers that it made my day easy!
    We sold just under 200 dinners. All proceeds went towards our operating fund.
    God was Good!!
  7. Sunday, November 15, during the AM Service, Rev. M. Wayne and Sis. Carter were with us.
    I met the Carters through the Pastor’s Covenant Group that I participate in.
    Again, we were looking forward to hearing Bro. Carter, but the  HOLY GHOST took over again – PTL – I love the LORD.
  8. Wednesday Night services are something else around here.
    There were two Wednesday nights in Nov. that our attendance was 95 plus – not to mention our Tuesday night Hispanic Service.
    I’m thankful for each teacher, leader and director that makes our Wednesday night gathers what they are!
    You ARE making a difference!!!
  9. The Hispanic Congregation met for a THANKSGIVING Breakfast the Saturday before Thanksgiving! It was awesome!!
  10. During the month of November, both the Hispanic and English congregations scheduled a time to partake of communion and feet-washing.
    What a great feeling to following in these examples left by Jesus Christ.
  11. We are raising money to purchase some extra chairs to help with the ‘space’ issue in our 11am service.
    Until such time that we raise the money, place the order, and receive the chairs (4-6 wks after ordered), Covenant Life COG in Fruitland Park, FL has agreed to let us BORROW some of their pew chairs so we can make the needed changes NOW!!!
  12. The FIRST Family took some time away for THANKSGIVING – we needed it!!!
  13. Sunday, November 29, was FAMILY Worship – a time when all of our students are in the main sanctuary with their parents.
    This day was also set aside for “Stepping Up For JESUS” (SUFJ) Sunday.
    SUFJ is where we give a special offering that equals our shoe size.
    For example, if your shoe size is 5, your offering would be $5. If you shoe size is 6.5, your offering would be $7.
    This event was also to help with our operating budget and I’m PRAISING the Lord for helping us – $1,100 was raised on Sunday!!!
  14. LIGHT Christian Academy (LCAC) is moving along nicely!!
    We are praying for at least 2 to 3 more students! Help us pray!!!
  15. I’m sure I missed some other things – but this will serve as my update for now!

Sorry it’s been so long – GOD IS GOOD!

See YOU Sunday!

Bishop Thomas

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