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November 26, 2012

Thoughts from Monday nights revival service………

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Tonight, the family and I attended revival services at First Assembly of God in Eustis.

The scheduled speaker was Bishop Harold Hanks.

Here are the points from tonight’s message.

Title: Why didn’t God kill the devil?

1. God wanted us to make a choice.
2. He wanted him to see his replacement.
3. He wanted him to see that their would be someone that would worship God anywhere.
4. He wanted him to see that their would be someone that would worship God in any circumstance.
5. So he would have to see the remedy for sin.


October 30, 2012

Homecoming 2012 – Ocoee Church of God

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This past weekend, Ocoee Church of God celebrated its 57 Homecoming – celebrating what the Lord has done for our church.
Every aspect of the weekend was awesome.

The weekend started with a church dinner on Saturday afternoon followed by a gospel sing with The Pickerings.

On Sunday, the AM worship service included a time of worship, special presentations, a drama by our youth group, an update on our missions project and a great word by our FLCOG Administrative Bishop Keith Ivrster.

Bishop Ivester preached a great message with three points that were as follows:
1. Keep your head.
2. Keep your heart.
3. Keep your hope.

You can watch the entire service on-line by visiting our website at

As lead pastor, I’m thankful for and humbled by the opportunity to serve God in Ocoee.

Pastor Thomas

October 29, 2012

One soul is worth it all

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Today, Wendy and I left for the FLCOG ministers meeting in Wiamauma.
In order to make this happen, we had to arrange sitters for the kiddos in addition to covering the church and school.
Well, this afternoon, I was informed that one of our students at Light Christian Academy accepted Jesus as their personal savior.
Regardless of the ‘stuff’ we go through, one soul is worth it all…..the angels in heaven are rejoicing tonight and so am I.

Don’t back down……

Pastor Thomas

August 22, 2012

Have You Been Born Again?

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As some know, our church operates a small Christian Academy on-site at Ocoee Church of God (

Each month, students are required to memorize scripture as part of our program.

Chapel services are conducted one day per week.

I routinely utilize Chapel services to dig deeper into that months scripture assignment.

The current scripture assignment is John 3:1-16. Today, we covered verses 1-3.

Chapel concluded about 45 minutes ago and I still find myself reciting the words of Jesus in verse 3: Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

I ask myself and you today, Have You Been Born Again?

Pastor Thomas

August 20, 2012

Time To Be Ready

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Over the last few days I have dealt with things as a pastor that I’ve never dealt with before.

It seemed to be that one blow after another kept coming to families in our church.

As their pastor I was their mostly for support.

It was during these events, I was reminded that we are in spiritual warfare.

I’m troubled at the lack of commitment people have today for the things of the Lord.

I’m reminded of the scripture in Amos about being at ease in Zion.

My prayer is that we will be stirred more than we ever have been before.


Pastor Thomas

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June 15, 2012

Friday night FLCOG Camp Meeting.

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Thoughts/points from the Friday night service with Pastor Kevin Wallace.

Before we can have the famine removed and the rain to fall…..we must:

1. We must repair the alter. All 12 stones, not 10 and 2. We are one.

2. We must purge the land. Fire will take the doubt out of the doubter. We try to talk out what the old saints used to cast out. A demonstration of the Holy Ghost will not run the harvest off.

3. We must get in the right position. The nameless servant had to be in the right position. The servant kept going back.

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June 13, 2012

Control Points of Life

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The three control points for all of life – Dr. Doug Small

Prayer……time and eternity
Fasting….all things internal
Giving……all things external

They help me to
A. Draw near to God
B. Yield to God
C. Give to others


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June 6, 2012

Summer is here!

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Well, the summer season is here!

Last Friday, we said good-bye to the academic year at Light Christian Academy ( with our annual end of the year program and awards ceremony. The turnout was great and the students did awesome!

As we turn the page to summer, there are several things on the horizon:

  • Florida Church of God Campmeeting (June 11-15)
  • COG Youth Camps!
  • Ocoee COG VBS – (July 9-13)
  • Region Service with Dr. Tim Hill (Monday, July 16)
  • Ocoee COG Campmeeting (July 30-August 3; Rev. Harold Hanks and Rev. Eddy Sullivan


In addition to the above, there are a few projects that we will try to complete this summer as well:

  • Remove paneling from the stage sanctuary
  • Install concrete apron for driveway exit on 17th Avenue
  • Install sidewalk rails
  • And a few other smaller type project!

I’m trusting God for complete direction in all that we do for His Kingdom!

Be Blessed!

Pastor Thomas

April 28, 2012

IMPACT Youth Service

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On Friday night, April 27, U-turn student ministries kicked off their IMPACT weekend and were joined by students from other area churches.

U-turn students lead the worship and then a powerful message was delivered by Rev. Jonathan Church.

The altar service was special as students cried out to the Lord.

Afterwards a time of fellowship closed the evening.

Students returned on Saturday for a time of devotion, games, lunch and then an afternoon of skating at Let’s Skate ORLANDO in Winter GARDEN.

As I sit here looking at the harvest God has given Ocoee COG, I’m thankful and humbled.

Glad I can spend the afternoon with these great students.

Their leader, Rebecca Smith is doing a fine job leading these students to a real relationship with Christ.

I’m a blessed pastor.

Lord, help us reach this generation for You.

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April 2, 2012

The last few days…

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So, it’s Monday and I feel like I have been ran over multiple times by a big truck.

Why, you ask?

Well, last week was spring break for Orange County, FL. Our week was full of events – including a trip (Mon-Wed) to my home town, Starke, FL to see family and a trip to Disney World on Friday with the children!

That was in addition to Wednesday night service, and I also preached on Thursday night and Saturday night at two different churches in my region.

I returned to one of those churches on Sunday AM to preach as well. (I’m thankful for the home folks @ Ocoee Church of God that manned the fort while I was out!)

There were also the two choir practices (Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon) that took up some time.
Our choir is preparing for the Easter Musical in just a few days!

So, as I sit here and recollect all that has occurred the last few days – I really don’t feel bad that I’m just TIRED!

Ok, enough of that!

Easter is just a few days away and we are planning some great things!

Be sure to check out our webpage at or our FB page for all the details!

Until next time!


Pastor Thomas

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