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February 26, 2010

Big Announcement Coming Sunday

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To All:

You don’t want to miss this Sunday! I will be making a big announcement during the 11am service – let’s just say that we are increasing our presence in a real physical way in Ocoee! You don’t want to miss it!

Until Then!
Bishop Thomas

February 19, 2010

A Time to Remember

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To All:

Tonight, for a few moments, while sitting at the dinner table, I began to ponder the wonderful things God has blessed me with.

The last few weeks have been a little over-whelming to say the least.

No, it’s not one single thing, just a lot going on.

Tonight, while sitting and listening, my heart began to swell inside of me as I thought of what God has blessed me with.

Here are a few of those things:

a wife that loves me at all times – Thanks WENDY!!!

three beautiful, healthy children

a wonderful extended family

a wonderful church that’s on the move for Christ – just today – two more things that are part of our VISION for 2010 started to take shape!

a growth in our church that is beyond my comprehension – we start two AM English Worship Services on Easter Sunday.

a hispanic ministry that is making a difference in the lives of those it is reaching Рour hispanic pastors are moving to ocoee this weekend!!

a christian school that is now ministering to 18 students – had another interview with a student today! God is good!

a team of leaders and elders that want to see GOD lead us in every STEP of the way!

I could go on and on!

Now, I must admit, the enemy of my soul has not let up one bit – it seems the more God blesses the more he messes!

While I’m thankful for all that God has blessed me with – I’m reminded that all of it would NOT be possible without GOD!!!

I’m so glad that Jesus died on the cross for me! Never let me comprise the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ for man’s approval!

Looking forward to Sunday and enjoying the journey!!!

Pastor Thomas


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