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September 28, 2009

Homecoming Prep Continues

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To All:

Things are moving nicely for Homecoming 2009!

The exterior of the church is being repainted – just in time for Homecoming!

Final letters should go out on Tuesday!

Decorations for the lunch event are well under way! Set up will occur at the Jim Beech Center on Saturday evening!

So much to do…so little time!

Pastor Thomas


Sunday was Great

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Another great day of worship yesterday – even with the down projector!                         It has DIED!!

New projector should be here on Wednesday!!   PTL!!!

Great attendance, great food and fellowship after the PM Service – everything was wonderful!

God is Good!!!

Pastor Thomas

September 25, 2009

Revival @ Grace Street

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Tonight I had a chance to attend a revival service at Grace Street COG!!

What a great move of the Spirit of God!

I was glad to be in service with Pastor Myers and his church tonight!

Pastor Thomas

What a great group of guys

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To All:

Today, a total of 8 guys were on campus to help ‘spurce’ up for Homecoming – 2009!

I’m getting excited (and anxious) about next weekend!!!

Today, more trees were trimmed, sprinklers ‘tweaked’, debris removed from the new property and about 10 yrds of mulch was spread!

All of this and it was all COMPLETED by 11am!!! These guys were ROCKING!!!!

If all goes a planned, the sidewalks will be repainted on Saturday!

To God Be The Glory!!

Pastor Thomas

September 24, 2009

Wednesday Night Update

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What a great service last night.

I was overwhelmed with the turn out for service last night – 102 in attendance – on a regular Wednesday night!

God is up to something at Ocoee COG!

I pray that I am ready to lead us in the direction that God wants to take us!!

To God Be The Glory!!!

C U Sunday!!!

Pastor Thomas

September 22, 2009

Retreat is going well….

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Just a quick update – Pastor’s Covenant Retreat is going fantastic!!!

Pastor Thomas

September 21, 2009

54th Homecoming

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To All:

On Sunday, October 4, Ocoee COG will celebrate its 54th Homecoming!!!

Things are beginning to shape up – a lot of work will be done around the campus this week!!!!!

Almost 400 reminder postcards went out via mail today!

Our guest speaker will be Dr. J. Martin Taylor, Administrative Bishop for Florida-Tampa.

It is going to be a service to remember!

Pastor Thomas

Pastors Covenant Retreat

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To All:

Beginning at 12 noon on Monday through 12 noon on Wednesday, I get to participate in the annual Pastors Covenant retreat near Kissimmee, FL.

What a blessing the PCG has been to me since joining in January 2009!

I look forward to what the 09-10 term has for us!!

Pastor Thomas

Weekend Update

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To All:

What a weekend we had – Dr. Paul Cushman preached Sunday AM and he did a fantastic job!!!!

What great people he and his wife are – I pray that they have a great vacation in Maine!!!!

Attendance was great! Worship was awesome!

Sunday night the presence of God was so real – Pastor got a  good ‘Holy Ghost’ touch during praise and worship!!!!

During the service, I presented to the church an update after our called conference on Thursday night!

God was with me as I preached – He is so good!!!

LIGHT Christian Academy was open after service for an open house event – what a blessing this ministry is for our church!!

I’m excited about what God is doing at our church!!!

Pastor Thomas

September 17, 2009

Called Church Conference

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To All:

Tonight, our church was in conference to discuss what we are going to do to reach the harvest for Jesus Christ.

Our worship attendance has been OUTSTANDING for the last year; but we must ‘tweak’ a few things to make room for more.

Whatever the outcome – I know God will be pleased with the end results!

The attendance for the conference tonight was OUTSTANDING!!!!!

I’m confident that the folks of Ocoee COG want to reach the world for Jesus!!!

I ask that you continue to pray for me, my family and our local church.

We want to accomplish what God wants us to do!

Until next Time!

Pastor Thomas

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