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December 11, 2010

Hispanic Christmas Event

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Today, my wife and I will be honored to participate in the Christmas Event for our Hispanic Congregation.

Our Hispanic Congregation, under the leadership of Bishop Raymond and Marisol Escalera was launched in March 2009!

In April 2010, we were blessed with a permanent home for them at 153 W. Silverstar Road.

They still remain a ministry of Ocoee Church of God – but since the relocation, they have continued to grow and are self supportive!

What a great season we are in at Ocoee Church of God / Iglesia de Dios de Ocoee!



PFC Campout

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Last night, 16 boys (along with some adult men) camped out on the new property adjacent to our church!

What a night they had! We heard them ALL NIGHT at the parsonage!!!

I’m so glad that we can minister to these boys and their families in so many different ways!!

“THANKS” to the men that chaperoned the event last night – I really enjoyed being able to sleep in my bed – even if it was noisy!!


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