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January 27, 2009

Hispanic Ministry Update #3

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To All:

Our Hispanic Ministry is coming along very well!

Today, our Hispanic Pastor (Pastor Raymond) and I had the opportunity to make a couple of visits – one at Health Central and one at ORMC!

Now, that’s what ministry is all about!

Pastor Raymond, Marisole and Amy are planning to be with us during our one-night revival with The Shepherds on Thursday night!

Until later…

Pastor Thomas


Site Cleanup

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To All:

We continue to make improvements around campus!

Today, our church sign received some attention.

1. The shrubs were removed.

2. New panels with our worship times were installed.

Tomorrow, we hope to lay down the sod!

God is such a great God!

Pastor Thomas

Wow! What a Sunday

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To All:

What an awesome day we had on Sunday.

The presence of God was so real – I could have preached anything and we could have shouted! It was wonderful!

Our attendance was awesome – 156 in AM Worship!

This past Sunday was Talent Sunday and I’m pleased with how God moved.

There were 4 new families in our AM Worship Service – God is Great!

Sunday night was no different – about 80 folks in attendance and a great move of God.

Don’t miss a service – you might miss something!

Pastor Thomas

January 24, 2009

Talant Sunday – 2009

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To All:

Well, tomorrow is the day – Talent Sunday – 2009!

I have been praying that God will bless our Talent Campaign in a special way.

Tomorrow, we will pass out $2,000 in talents and allow God to provide the increase through our hands.

I’m trusting God for a great return on Miracle Sunday, March 29.

You don’t want to miss worship tomorrow!

Pastor Thomas

January 22, 2009

Hispanic Ministry Update #2

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To All:

Our Hispanic Ministry continues to move forward!

Our first Hispanic Service will be on Sunday, March 1 @ 2pm.

This week has been very busy with preparing for this new ministry.

The color banner arrived today and we hope to have it installed by Sunday!

Let me invite you to come and see what God is doing at Ocoee COG!

You will not be disappointed, I’m sure of it!

Pastor Thomas

Talent Sunday is coming!!!

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To All:

This Sunday, January 25, is Talent Sunday – 09!

During the AM Service I will be preaching a message on the talents and then passing out “talents” to every person in attendance.

We will be seeding $2,000 this Sunday as our initial talent.

The Talent Campaign will continue for 9 weeks, ending on Miracle Sunday, March 29!

The goal over the next 9 weeks is to allow God to multiply our talents for the Kingdom of God.

All monies raised will go to help with our operating fund for 2009!!!

I’m trusting God for a GREAT MIRACLE!!!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Thomas

Encounter Retreat!

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To All:

Our youth group (LIGHT Youth Ministries) will be attending a retreat this weekend at the COG Campgrounds.

I believe there are about 12 students going!

My prayer is for a safe trip there and back and that God will touch the lives of each and every student that attends!

Pastor Thomas

Wednesday Nights @ OCOG

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To All:

I must say, our Wednesday nights are really going well!

This past Wednesday night, we had 79 folks on campus!!!

There were 20 students in the youth group – our new leaders are doing great.

There were 17 students in the age group 6-11. We will be splitting this group (boy and girls) within the next few weeks.

There are two (maybe three) men that will be taking over the boys groups!

Let me invite you to come and be a part of us on Wednesday nights – I’m sure you will be blessed!!

Pastor Thomas

Update on Land Purchase #4

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To All:

I just received word from the Church Of God State Executive Offices in Tampa, FL that the State Council approved our purchase of the land adjacent to our current property!

I will be contacting the owner later today – we will continue to move forward.

Just to recap, we are purchasing the land for $70K, down from $210K just 18 months ago!!!

Keep praying – God is moving!

Pastor Thomas

January 20, 2009

Today is the Day!

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To All:

Today is the day that the state council will vote regarding the underwriting that we need regarding the land purchase.

I do not anticipate any hurdles, however, please pray that God’s will be done!

As soon as I hear, I’ll post again!

God is a GOOD GOD!!!!

Pastor Thomas

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