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March 31, 2009

Miracle Sunday was GREAT!!!

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To All:

This past Sunday (March 29) ended our Talent Fund Raising Campaign (see earlier posts for more details).

Over the past 9 weeks, folks have been very busy using their talents for the Lord and this past Sunday the talents were returned with their increase.

The initial seed was almost $2,000 and the total amount returned on Miracle Sunday was $9,200 – an increase of $7,200.

I’m thankful for what God is doing at Ocoee Church of God!

Come be with us – I’m sure God will bless you too!


Pastor Thomas


March 27, 2009


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To All:

With this post, the demo of the house at the new property is NOW complete!!!!

We PRAISE God for what HE is doing at OCOEE COG!!!

See you Sunday!

Pastor Thomas

The House Is Coming Down

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To All:

As of this post, the demo company has arrived on site at the new property to demo the old house!

What an exciting time this is for Ocoee Church of God!

God Bless!

Pastor Thomas

March 24, 2009

Homecoming 2009

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To All:

I’m pleased to announce via this blog that our guest speaker for Homecoming 2009 will be our State Administrative Bishop, Dr. J. Martin Taylor.

Homecoming 2009 will be on Sunday, October 4!

Due to the number of folks that we are anticipating, we are looking at the option of having our lunch moved to an off site location.

As we near Homecoming 2009, I’m sure this blog will offer you more details!

Pastor Thomas

Space Issue

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To All:

If you attend our services, you know this statement is true: WE NEED SPACE!!!

God is blessing our church in so many ways, one of them is in attendance.

We have been averaging 150+ people in our 11AM services for the past several weeks and more than 140 since December!

With this increase comes the issue of space!!!!

Please pray that God will give us CLEAR direction and the funds to BUILD in HIS TIME FRAME!!!!

I know until that time, God will give us creative ways to meet the space needs!

Pastor Thomas

The House Is Coming Down SOON!!!

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To All:

If all goes a planned, it is very possible that the demo company will be on-site by Friday to demo the house at the new property!

It’s hard to imagine all that has been accomplished in just under 6 weeks!

I hope to post pics on the website of the demo work!!!!

God is GOOD!!!!

Pastor Thomas

Talent Sunday is only 5 days away!!!

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To All:

Well, 9 weeks have almost come and gone!

This Sunday, March 29, we will be celebrating MIRACLE SUNDAY – a day set aside to bring back our talent with its increase (see earlier post for more details)!!!!

I’m looking forward to this weekend!!!

Pastor Thomas

Hispanic Ministry Update

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To All:

God continues to move in our Hispanic Ministry – Pastors Raymond and Marisol are doing a fantastic job.

This past Sunday our Hispanic Ministry had 26 in their 2pm service.

Please be in much prayer for this ministry as we are in desperate need of musicians for this group!

I know GOD is able to provide – all in His time!

Pastor Thomas

Regional Bishop Visit

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To All:

Today was a very special day for our church!

Our regional bishop, Bishop Chris Dutruch, First Lady Julie along with two of their staff members Everett and Rodney visited our church campus.

This was an exciting time for me!

This visit gave me an opportunity to share (and show) with Bishop Dutruch just how great GOD is and what wonderful folks attend Ocoee COG!!!!

I’m thankful for the prayers and support offered by our regional bishop!

To God Be The Glory!

Pastor Thomas

March 21, 2009

One Month Ago Today!

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Well…..what a difference a month makes.

It was one month ago today that two folks were taken via ambulance to local hospitals as a result of health issues that occurred at the church campus.

As long as I’m alive, I will always remember Saturday, February 21, 2009.

We had just ended a great revival on Friday night with Rev. Zane Estis – a revival where 8 folks were saved.

Scheduled for Saturday was a baby shower for a new mom in our church.

I had also been asked to conduct a private wedding in the late afternoon.

It was also my birthday – 33 years!

With all of that going on, a few men gathered together for a ‘work day’ at the new property that God had blessed us with just 8 days ago.

At 9:34am that morning a call went out to the local 911 office requesting an ambulance – before the day was out – two men had been transported via ambulance to local hospitals.

Three other men dealt with other issues – a rash on the hand of one, back concerns with another and the ‘winded’ effect for yet another.

While God has done great things – I will never forget what that day meant to me.

As I stood in the pulpit the next morning – torn with the events of the previous day – I felt the hand of God directing me one more time.

For a brief moment prior to taking the pulpit I thought about backing up and regrouping – maybe it was too much at one time.

It was then the Spirit of God checked me using this question – “Have you not done all that I’ve asked you to do and have you not sought me for direction?”

I had to answer that question with a BIG YES.

I gathered my thoughts and asked God to use me and this church to reach this area of West Orange County for CHRIST is such a dynamic way!!!

All I can say is – God is GOOD!!

Pastor Thomas

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