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July 1, 2011

Could it be…

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For many nights now it seems that I have been awaken somewhere between 2am and 4am.

I don’t feel it’s because I’m a morning person because I’m not!!!

Nor do I feel it’s because I don’t need the sleep.

Could it be that the Lord is trying to speak something to me?

I remember a few nights ago I awoke with the though of our upcoming Camp Meeting in my spirit.

I began to pray and meditate on the Lord and I believe during those early hours of the morning God gave me a direction for our Camp Meeting.

One thing I do know – don’t waste that time – use it for something.

Again this morning I was awaken for some purpose.

After spending time in prayer, I thought I’d write about my thoughts with the hope of reminding me and others that God is always there.

I want to be ready to hear His voice no matter what time it is.

Could it be that He is preparing me for something just around the corner?

Could it be that He is trying to deal with my life in an area that I need to improve for Him?

Could it be the He is wanting to take me to a deeper experience with Him?

This much I do know – I’m trusting God for some direction in my life and for my church!

Could it be that in these early morning hours God will not only hear my prayer but that He will also answer my prayer?

Thank be unto God!


Pastor Thomas


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