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September 15, 2009

Headed back to ORL tomorrow

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To All:

The Symposium on the Great Commision was OUTSTANDING!!!

If I had any doubt that I need to ‘reach the harvest’ it was confirmed during the last two days.

On Thursday of this week, our church will meet to discuss options that will help with the space issues that we have been experiencing over the last 12 months – good problem – however – the fix is easier said than done!

Pray that God will give us direction!

As a reminder to our church folks – please don’t forget to spend some time in prayer and fasting between now and Thursday night!

See you on Wednesday evening!!!

Pastor Thomas

September 14, 2009

The Great Commission

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To All:

Tonight I had the opportunity to attend a service/session on the Great Commission.

Our Presiding Bishop, Dr. Raymond Culpepper shared a timely message/presentation with us.

I must say – if I had any doubt as to where God was leading our local church – it was all confirmed tonight.

Ocoee COG will move to another level of ministry in the coming days!

Will it require work? Yes

Will there be some that may not understand? Yes

However, we must continue to move forward with the call that God has placed within us!!!

Until Then….

Pastor Thomas

A message about this week’s Called Church Conference

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September 12, 2009

Covering a lot of ground today

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Today, our church has a lot going on.

Our children’s group (Kids For Christ) has a yard sale at the church campus – they began at 8am.

Our youth group (LIGHT Youth) is going to a Disney theme park today and will be attending the Night of Joy event tonight!!!

Our church will host The Gibbs Family in Concert tonight beginning at 6pm. Come be with us – you will enjoy it!

Pastor Thomas

September 10, 2009

Where does the time go…..

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Well, it’s been busy around here.


The 12 of us had a wonderful time!!!!

Church was great on Wednesday – 88 in attendance (11 on Tuesday for Hispanic Bible Study)!!!

Today was very busy – great prayer time this morning – then had errands to run!

Getting ready for a big meeting next week!

Excited about Sunday – Pastor David Pleasant, Sr will be with us.

Looks like we have everything ironed out in order to launch a children’s church service for the 2pm Hispanic Services on Sundays – we will start the Sunday after Homecoming!

School is still going great – students are really performing well!

Men’s Bible Study was tonight – I popped in for just a few minutes – the guys in attendance seemed to be having a great time! I’m glad – men need that at times!!!

Going to bed – I have seen mid-night way to many times this week!!!

Pastor Thomas

September 8, 2009

Today’s Happenings

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Wow! What a day.

  • Had a pastor visit from a church in N. Florida that is thinking about opening an academy – wanted to see our set up.
  • Had the battery in my truck replaced – yea – it’s working again!
  • Kicked off new programs at the academy today – Merits, Demerits, Green Dot Incentive, and Privileges.
  • Played ‘catch up’ after being off yesterday – why is it always this way after a holiday????
  • Fireproof Workshop – first one was tonight – IT WAS GREAT – 12 folks in attendance!!!
  • Still working on Homecoming Events
  • Still working on details for called conference next week!
  • This Sunday – Grandparents Day – and Guest Speaker – Rev. David Pleasant, Sr.
  • Interns are asking for their assignments

Tomorrow will be just as busy – need to go to bed – like NOW!!!

Pastor Thomas

September 7, 2009

Labor Day Update

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Here goes:

1. Sunday was great – AM and PM services were great.

I preached the 11am service and Pastor Lewis Riggs preached the PM service – we enjoyed having he and his family with us yesterday.

2. Enjoyed the ‘day off’ today.

3. Fireproof Marriage Seminars start tomorrow! Looking forward to what these workshops will do for the couples that are attending!!!

4. Gospel sing this Saturday with THE GIBBS Family from Titusville – 6pm start time.

5. Events on Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri and Saturday this week – busy, busy!

We must keep moving forward and reaching the harvest that is before us!

Pastor Thomas

September 3, 2009

A Quick Update

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To All:

A quick update – here goes:

1. Homecoming is only about 4 weeks away – looking forward to this service.

2. The Gibbs Family will be with us on Saturday, September 12 for a gospel sing – it will be great!

3. LCAC – LIGHT Christian Academy is GOING GREAT!! God Is Good!!!

4. It was determined that one of the fees that we paid to OC for the academy was not needed so I have filed the paperwork for a refund in the amount of $1231.00. Praise The Lord.

5. Getting ready for MIP Orientation – I have to be ready to leave at 7:15 in the morning – it’s 12:21am now – I hope I make it.

6. Grandparents Dinner is this weekend – 2pm.

7. My brother is getting married on Saturday – 5pm.

8. My truck died while at Publix yesterday am – my wife was using it. Needs new battery – did not have time to handle it today – will try on Monday – too much going on Friday – Sunday.

9. Called Church Conference is set for the 17th – we will be looking at some options to help with our space issue!

10. Hispanic Congregation is working on a campaign for the end of October (Friday – Sunday) – I have been asked to preach the Friday night service (in English, of course, with an interrupter).

11. Fireproof Workshops start on Tuesday!

12. VOVpractices are now set – 1st and 3rd Sunday’s of each month.

13. Some special guests will be preaching throughout the month of September – looking forward to those services.

14. Girls Clubs started this past Wednesday night. We have divided the girls into two groups and gave them the two rooms in the hall way – this moved the boys group to one side of the fellowship hall – but they seemed to do well with it.

See you Sunday!

Pastor Thomas

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