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April 17, 2009

Here we go again….

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To All:

Here we go again….

The land owner of the vacant lot adjacent to the land we purchased 60 days ago is ready to sale.

In a church business meeting on Thursday, April 16, the church voted to proceed with the purchase.

I’m excited about what God is doing….

See you Sunday……

Pastor Thomas


April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend was HUGE!!!

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To All:

Easter Weekend at Ocoee COG was HUGE!!!!

Saturday was our annual Easter Egg Hunt.

According to those that counted, there were at least 115 folks in attendance.

We had a great time!

There were so many children under the age of 11, that we had to divide them into 3 different groups for the egg hunt!!


On Sunday, we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Since Easter is a very special day, we combined our English and Hispanic Congregations for worship!!!

Our total attendance for the worship service was 231!!!

There were 178 folks in the main sanctuary and 53 in childrens church!

Space was very tight – but God was good!


Pastor Thomas

April 11, 2009

A Golf Cart, really?

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To All:

Several weeks ago I made the comment to some folks that I wanted a “golf cart'” to use here at the church campus.

The golf cart would allow me to get around campus a lot faster than walking!

Well, yesterday, I received a call from one of the families in my church.

That family, along with another family, went together and now I have a golf cart!

The golf cart was an earlier Pastors Appreciation Gift!

Wow – what great folks we have at Ocoee COG!!!

As you drive by the campus throughout the week, if you see me out in my golf cart, be sure to blow your horn!!!

God Bless!

Pastor Thomas

The LIGHTS are NOW ON!!!!

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To All:

Well, after about a 4 month process, the power company has installed the lights at the church campus!

It’s already been said that our campus looks like a baseball field!

We want folks to know we are here and for those that are on campus after dark, we want to ensure that they are as safe as possible!

God is Good!!!

Pastor Thomas

Easter Weekend – 09

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To All:

This weekend is going to be a GREAT weekend!

Today, we have our annual Easter Egg Hunt at a local park in Ocoee from 11am – 2pm.

Tomorrow, we will be CELEBRATING the RESURRECTION of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!

Our Worship Service tomorrow will begin at 10:30am and will be a joint effort between our English and Hispanic Congregations!

I’m so excited about what God is doing at Ocoee COG!!!!


Pastor Thomas

April 6, 2009

60 more on stage?

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To All:

If things go as planned, we will have a 60-voice YOUTH CHOIR with us for a Saturday night event in May!

I wonder if we can even fit 60 folks on stage – but we will try!

It may be possible for them to stay over and be with us the very next day for Sunday AM Worship!

Wow, I hope they can – I’m not sure where we would put them – but hey – we will figure it out!

I’ll keep you updated!

Pastor Thomas

Easter Sunday – 2009

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To All:

Easter Sunday will be a very special time for Ocoee COG!!!

First of all, we will have a combined worship service (starting at 10:30am) that will include our English and Hispanic congregations!

Our youth group (L.I.G.H.T. Youth Ministeries) has been preparing a drama that they will present on Sunday.

We are anticipating a large crowd and have plans to use every possible inch of the sanctuary to ensure everyone has a place to sit!

I’m thankful for Jesus Christ and we plan to CELEBRATE His Resurrection this Sunday!

*Remember, worship will begin at 10:30am!

C U There!

Pastor Thomas

The LIGHTS are on!!! (almost)

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To All:

Well, after a very long process – almost 4 months – Progress Energy trucks arrived on campus today to begin the process of installing our new security lighting.

When the process is complete, the following will be done:
-installation of 3 new power poles
-re-location of one existing power pole
-installing of 7 – 400 HPS Lights
-upgrading one light from 100 HPS to 250 HPS

Finally, we will have enough lighting in the main parking lot, the back parking lot along with some much needed light at the new property.

I’m trusting that the power company will complete the project tomorrow!

In addition to the added safety this will provide for us, when folks drive by Ocoee COG (day or night) I want them to know that we are here and moving forward for Jesus!

God Bless!

Pastor Thomas

Meariah is MUCH Better

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To All:

Yesterday afternoon, my youngest daughter (Meariah, age 3) started complaining with pain in her lower right side.

She had been sick since Friday afternoon, however, the sharp pain in her right side concerned us very much.

We ended up at the ER and after 5 hours we headed back home.

Meariah was very de-hydrated and her blood sugar was very low.

I did not attend service last night, as I felt it was my place to be ‘daddy’ to my daughter – sometimes a pastor’s family needs daddy!

I’m thankful for the touch of God in Meariah’s life!

Thank you to EVERYONE who called to check on us.

A very special THANK YOU to those that ensured the PM Service was the very best!!!!

In an effort not to miss anyone, I’m not going to call names but YOU KNOW who you are!!!!!           God Bless each of you!!!!

Pastor Thomas

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